Thursday, March 15, 2012

14th March : spring day in Tirana

Tirana on 14th March 2012 or How Albanians celebrate the Spring day :
14th of March is very important for Albanians. We can say that Albanians are really celebrating this day. The main boulevard of Tirana was closed and only for pedestrians and bicycles (like during communism time) ! the center of Tirana was full of people, enjoying music, fanfare parade and the famous and delicious "ballokume", a traditional cookie (corn flour,sugar and butter) made only for this spring day ! Me as a French girl, born in Vietnam and living in Tirana, it was quite funny to see how they celebrate the spring day ! Many Albanians came from the countryside to Tirana for this day and when they saw me they said "Chinese Chinese" and try to speak English with me saying "hi or hello" ! They never saw an Asian girl in real and were very friendly, without any bad feelings or thoughts ! My 6 years old boy (half vietnamese and half German) was quite amused by this because he asked me " why did they say Chinese?" For him, he is not Chinese ! We were laughing a lot, enjoying music, buying many of these ballokume for us and friends and celebrating the nice atmosphere of Tirana.

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